Best Wrestlers I Have Ever Seen!

Best midget wrestling show I have ever been too, this is what we want to hear from you and this is what we at Microbrawlers believes in. We have the best midget wrestlers waiting for you to show what it’s like to be on the greatest wrestling show. Our Midget wrestlers are highly trained athletes who are known for showing professional attitude towards wrestling world. Today Midget wrestlers are not less talented than other any WWE wrestlers. They are not on a ring just for a show to entertain by doing few comic acts. The matter of the fact is they trained hard to be perfect in their game and believe us they show no mercy whenever they are inside ring facing the opponent. Devil, Little Bastard, Hawk, Rampage and many others midget wrestling superstars are here with us to show you they are not a puppet anymore but an individual who love to wrestle. They will show how a midget will fight when they have to protect themselves. Loved by all, our midget wrestlers will make you believe in the statement that “Midget is a state of mind”, they are now wrestlers yes, you heard it right Wrestlers. Midget wrestlers are now becoming a role model for Microbrawlers community and it helping other to recognize this community worth enough to try something that are totally acceptable in your human community. Do don’t mess with our midget wrestlers if you ever take that for granted that you can easily beat them just because they are tiny. Beware of Hawk, he can be your ultimate nightmare and Little Bastard, I don’t want talk this bastard and believe me you also don’t want to meet this bastard inside ring and how can we forget Bad Bay Dual Arms, he is little monster who has the ability to frightened you even in your dreams. Similarly we have Rampage, Bronx, Devil, Tiny t Piece and Sampson Hands. They are all best in their field of midget wrestling. Book your tickets now at Microbrawlers Midget wrestling and feel the burn. Small is not small now, because small means hustle and Midget wrestlers have the answers why sometimes small packets proves large and longer entertainment.



Tiny T Piece


Sampson Hands




Nasty Bowa


Little Bastard






Bad Bay Dual Arms